Viking Army (VA) was founded in 2018 to provide gamers an equal chance at success; whether it be for streaming or gaming. It gave opportunity for everyone to get the most out of their passion for gaming. There were many goals that I wanted to reach for VA: I wanted to build a community where like-minded gamers could come together. I wanted a diverse and inclusive community that provided equal opportunities for all and finally, I wanted a community that provided various avenues for my partners to network, grow and most importantly, explore their passion with others. I wanted enjoyment from what we all love!
Once I had my image set, it wasn’t long until founding members Dutchess Lovely, Spartan Beast and Zeldakezz22 were on board. We all shared the same determination and passion for the world of Esports and online gaming.
Fortnite was definitely the starting point for the VA dream – We all enjoyed the game and were competitive in the play, but it wasn’t long and our Army began to grow. Through social media, networking, in-game randoms and friends of friends, the word was spread and we gained a following of gamers whose vision aligned with ours. Our VA Partners grew and we started to see other well-known games being streamed and put up on our socials which only supported our further growth.
I worked hard to find Sponsors who shared the same passion and vision for gaming; applications, discussions. VA saw Sponsors came and went; however Gamer Grind Co. and Zq Racing have been with us from the very start; our founding Sponsors. Only some months in and we gained our next Sponsor, Kontrol Freeks. To find committed sponsors with the same passion, that can work together with us was well worth journey.
VA has rapidly been recognised as a supportive and enjoyable community. The hope for our Army is that all our Partners continue to collectively collaborate with determination, and to share our vision of a flourishing community to which will always support gamers to follow their passion and to not be afraid to be themselves. In an industry where we expose ourselves to the world, we must not forget that no person or hurdle shall knock you, me, or us, down if we remain true to ourselves.